Georgia Autumn

Georgia Autumn creeps upon the landscape
The sea of green daubed with another brush
Mottled leaves like butterflies float gently to the ground
Not the storm of falling foliage soon to come
But indication it is on its way

Earth’s re-carpeting
Collage of leaves and fern and grass
Layering the earth with life expiring
Preparing for another Spring to come
A Spring hard to conceive amid the present death

Hidden boughs unveiled among the slow but steady loss
Boughs of strength supporting nature’s beauty
Hidden by the beauty they support until the dying starts
Boughs of strength that weather winter’s chilling winds
Safeguarding seeds of many Springs to come

And come they will…as sure as death is claiming last year’s hope
Coming Spring will wipe away the current loss
Until one day Eternal Spring reclaims the earth
Renews the earth and all that it contains
And the sting of death forever fades away

Danny Mullins

October 30, 2018
Ignatius Retreat House
Atlanta, Georgia

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