At His Feet Ministries was formed to offer the hope and reality of the healing love of Christ. I am convinced that experiencing God’s love at the deepes parts of our being is the cure for the unavoidable emotional brokeness we all carry with us.  As well, the love of God is the light that will lead us into the journey of discovering our God-birthed identity. Through the ministry of Spiritual Direction and Immanuel Prayer, we come alongside those who are struggling to live the hopeful, joy-filled, and purposeful life God created us to live.  Sometimes the reality of the amazing person we already are becomes buried under layers of pain and confusion.  Spiritual Direction and Immanuel Prayer are invaluable tools enabling us to discover the activity of God already occurring in and through us, as well as finding genuine healing for our emotional pain and trauma.

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At His Feet Ministries offers training seminars in the area of spiritual formation, as well as training for those seeking to learn about and facilitate inner healing prayer.

If there is any way we can serve you in these areas, please contact us.

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