Living in the Question

“You are entirely faithful”
Psalm 89:8 (NLT)

I am learning to live in the question.

There is a vast difference between living in the question and existing with it. One is an expression of life, the other of resignation.

To embrace living in the question opens the door of possibility, the chance to flourish in the presence of uncertainty, to know in the unknowing, to breathe freely in the midst of the incomplete and unresolved, to carry on meaningfully with a sense of purpose and holy cause. The presence of a question unanswered need not detour me, need not send my life down a dark path, need not move me from God’s intention for my soul.

Living in the question suggests, or perhaps demands, a life of faith-filled longing for more; to seek understanding but live contentedly with the measure of understanding granted.

A life lived in the question is built on the bedrock of David’s declaration: You are entirely faithful. It is not David’s testimony to it or my belief in it that makes it true. It has always been and always will be true. God is entirely faithful.

Like a gentle rain upon the earth, may this truth increasingly seep into my soul until my life becomes so deeply saturated that every good seed falling upon my life lodges in fertile ground ripe for the growing. Words germinate and quickly sprout; root, stem, leaf, and fruit nourished by the knowledge that God is entirely faithful.

Then it shall be true that I will have become a well watered garden, a desert become a flowered field, a parched and dusty river bed rushing with rippled waters smoothing out the former stones of stumbling. Those stumbling stones were demanded answers.   As the water deepens, they affect its flow less and less. Eventually the former turbulence becomes a deep pool slowly carrying the rough edges of my life into a sea of grace.

I’m learning to live in the question…and learning to live in the learning.