Finger Oil Painting by Brendon Fairley

So many trees
A grove of life
The forbidden tree most beautiful of all
Out of place
A mistake
Rather a restriction birthed by grace
An invitation to a life that’s free
Freedom to love
Freedom to choose
Freedom to be

Only three
So solitary
Perched atop a barren lonely rock
Blossoms of death
The fruit of sin
A Man shaped like a tree his arms the limbs
A beckoning from bloody limbs stretched wide
Come to me
Come and see
Freedom to be

Two trees of life
Along the bank
Crystal living water splits the two
Healing leaves
Unfailing fruit
The drought’s been swallowed up within the Truth
After many years and tears and pleas
I hear his voice
I see his face
Among the trees

Danny Mullins © 2017

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