Layers of life
In some ways like accumulating
rings of trees
marking seasons, telling times
living records that still speak
if we will lend an ear

The only way to hear them
is be cut in half
uncovering the mounting rings
of life that’s been
of life that is
of life that’s true

Layered years
of fire and drought
and joy and pain
and loss and fear
and hopes and dreams
both realized and dashed

The rings don’t lie
but courage is required
to see their truth
to feel their truth
to know them for the gift
they were and are

Past events
aren’t really past at all
they breathe beneath the surface
of the present day
and shape our words
and prompt our deeds
and set our course

The layers of our souls
must be exposed
that we may own
the breadth of who we are

Danny Mullins©2017

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