Unresolved emotional pain may be the greatest hindrance to becoming the person you were created to be.  It can cripple in ways we are not even aware.  It shapes our personality, relationships, and family dynamics.  It can and will, without our permission, shape the path of our life.  If emotional pain is not recognized and addressed, it can burrow deep within our souls and foster a life of darkness and depression.

At the age of 58, I hit my emotional bottom.  Diagnosed as clinically depressed, the remainder of my life held little promise for me.  All joy of living had vanished.  In my darkest hours, I turned to the Word of God in the hopes of something changing.  I found that hope in Psalm 27.  Through this song of David, the Spirit of God sparked the embers of expectation that eventually culminated in the healing of my heart.  Darkness to Light is a chronicle of my journey from clinical depression to a renewed life of peace and joyful expectation.

Through this book, I share the truths and insights that changed my life.  The journey was neither brief nor easy, but the road I walked led to a life of fulfillment I never expected to experience again.  The Word of God and inner healing prayer brought me out of the darkness in which I was living and into the light of a new day.  This is a down-to-earth, rubber-meets-the-road account of my journey out of depression.

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What others are saying about Darkness to Light

Danny Mullins’ honest transparent journey from the darkness of suppressed emotional pain to the light of God’s love will be a great encouragement to many. By meditating on Psalm 27, Danny gives God room to transform him from the inside out. This book provides the reader an insider’s view of how real transformation can take place.

Charles Bello, Senior Pastor of Crestwood Vineyard, OKC
Author of Prayer as a Place and Recycled Spirituality

Darkness to Light is the story of one man’s courageous journey out of a dark season of life toward healing and wholeness. It is the story of Danny Mullins’ refusal to settle for less than all God has for him. This book is refreshing because it is written in such a vulnerable and transparent manner. The insights Danny shares from Psalm 27 are hope-filled and life-giving for those who are in a season of life that lacks both.

Mike Bradley, Director, The Alliance of Renewal Churches (ARC)

This is an honest and well-written story of rubber-meets-the-road walking with God.  It is full of helpful instruction for anyone who is human. Far from a theoretical or theological book, it shows us what it’s like to come to grips with the pits, valleys and peaks of walking with God.  Darkness to Light is a real-life personal story of someone who has been to the pit and back, and has found peace and healing.

Andy Park, Singer/Songwriter
Author of To Know You More and The Worship Journey

Congratulations on writing this insightful book! Many people, especially those in ministry, need to hear your story and what you’ve learned through it. Depression is a subject that is so often misunderstood but seldom talked about in leadership circles.  Thank you, Danny, for dispelling the myths surrounding this issue and bringing God’s light and truth to those who need the joy of life restored.

Cheryl Sacks
Author of The Prayer Saturated Church


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