Living in Loss

I’m living in the loss
I’m told it is the cost of truly loving
The un-avoided consequence of opening my heart

It seems unfair

Somehow I thought my choice to love
would shield me from the pain
and yet the opposite is true

To deeply love is partnered with
a deeper hurt than I would feel
if choosing to love less

So loss must be embraced

It must be gathered as a treasure
in the storehouse of my heart
and guarded well

Loss has the power to shape my heart
in ways I have been longing for
Unlikely as it seems it is a gift
a gracious gift
but only if received

Forgive me for resistance to Your ways
for they are good, always good
You’re simply doing what
I’ve always longed for
Shaped into the image of your Son

He, Himself, was also shaped
by living in His loss
as did His Father

He chose His way
I must choose mine
and in so doing follow in His steps

Living in loss
Living in love
Hand in hand they walk me toward eternity

Danny Mullins
June 25, 2016

2 thoughts on “Living in Loss

  1. Thanks Danny….I was thinking about loss just today…really. I am speaking next Sunday and want to include a few thoughts about it. We hear much about “closure” but I’m not so sure that is a reality. Its more of a fleshly attempt to eliminate the feelings and reality of loss! When you experience a deep loss….it walks with you for the rest of your life…you don’t get “closure.” Anyway….great thoughts…creatively written. Thanks!!



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